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Blogger:How To Add A Contact Form  

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Adding a blogger contact form, a reader contact form, may seem rather tedious because it does not support plugins such as WordPress.
Most Blogspot bloggers do, on third-party sites (foxyform, jotform, 123contactform etc.) as well as help is to look for the problem.

For the Blogger Contact Form page today, you will learn how to add the official contact page on Blogger with this article.

It is possible for third-party codes to be added to new pages as if they were walking in the park. However! The blogger's official contact form is much, much better and safer than them.

Official Blogger, The Benefits Of The Blogger Form

As soon as you send a message, you'll get it. Also, deliverability is 100%.
The simple interface makes it easy for visitors to communicate with you.
If you know Cascade, style sheet (CSS) language, it will be easy to customize the form the way you want.
The entire page will not be reloaded for the message to be sent.

You will see this tutorial in three sections. Add the contact gadget, hide it, and apply the official code on a new page.

1st. Section: Adding The Contact Gadget

Blogger ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Follow these steps to add the contact gadget to your blog.1st. Step : visit and log into your account. If you use more than one blog, you must select the blog you want from the list.Step 2: Click the placement on the left sidebar to get the option to add the Gadget.

Step 3: you can see the Add Gadget link on the right side of the main panel . Clicking on it will take you to a gadget list.

Step 4: then, slide down the vertical bar on the right side. Now you'll see the Contact Form . Just add the same. You can press the contact form name or the (+) icon.

Hold the gadget you added, position it on the right sidebar. Don't be afraid to drag. Leave it where you want it to be seen.

2nd ed. Episode: Hiding The Gadget

Now, you'll learn how to hide the person gadget.

Step 1: we need to play with the template section here. So, click on the theme name from the left menu.

Step 2: then click edit HTML and let the entire code of your blog expand into a wide area.



Step 3:search for ]]></B: skin> and place the following code immediately before.on top of a row.

div#ContactForm1 {
display: none !important;


Then, click Save to preserve the changes.After step three, you won't see the communication widget on your blog.
Chapter 3: Adding A Contact Form To A Page

You will receive the customized official blogger contact form code to be added here to be shown on a separate page.

1st. Step: go to the pages and click on the new page.


Step 2: Leave No code in the page. After you delete everything in it, paste the following code into the HTML font editor.



When you click Create, you will see an image like this.  Don't let this image fool you.



Note: you can get the contact Forum code from the corresponding text file.


Step 3: Add A title (such as contact us) and then change the settings given below.

Step 4: at the end, click the Publish button. That.Messages sent from this contact form will be forwarded to the administrator email. If there's more than one administrator on the blog, they all get it.


Don't forget to share this post with your blogger friends.

Step 5: blogger > layout > pages: check the corresponding box if the Contact page name is not displayed in your menu bar.

Posted : 12/01/2020 9:55 pm

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