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One of the options that comes to mind when it is said to open a Blog is blogger. Because the guarantee of the Google name after him, 20 years old and free of charge are very important reasons for choice. It's also really practical and quality.

Those who want to set up a professional blog can choose WordPress. It is also possible to do professional work with Blogger, but of course it is not comparable to WordPress.

What can be done with Blogger? You can write personal articles for hobby purposes. For those who wish to use it for professional purposes, however, Blogger is not a very good choice.

What you need to know before opening a Blog and what is a blog will help you to read our articles.

The goal of this article is to learn how to create a free blog with a Blogger, as the title suggests. For this process, which is quite easy, we should start now.

  What Is Required To Set Up A Blog With Blogger?

All you need is a Gmail account. You must have a Gmail account.This is not a Gmail account in the era of 😛

As you know, you must have a Gmail account to use Google products. With Gmail membership, you can use all Google services.


Blogger ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Info: I wrote in the above image in 2004. Actually, it was in 2004, guys.  I'm sorry I'm too cold to fix it.

1 – Blogger.com let's go

Blogger.com when you go to ' a screen like the following will meet you. If your Gmail account is already open, it can automatically move to the next level.


Create your blog butotuna click. If you haven't logged in to your Gmail account, you'll get the login page to log in.

In the meantime, you can click on the orange section to read How to write an seo-compliant article.

If your Gmail account is open, we will proceed from the following page.

2-We Determine Our Blog Name And Title

The screen just came up like this.

je suis une décision de la première fois.

Here we choose the title,address and design of our blog. The title and design of our blog can be changed later and even the address(domain) can also be changed.

What is domain, by the way? You can learn about domain by reading our article on how to choose a professional.

For example, when you type alikahraman into your blog address, you will have an address like the following::


So the extension of blogger users ' blogs is always blogspot.com okay.However, you can use it by redirecting to your private domain if you want. Thus using the blogger infrastructure alikahraman.com or you have the freedom to use other extensions.

If you have a goal of making money by writing a Blog, I would recommend this article to you.

3-We Have Already Established Our Blog

Let's proceed.

We entered the name of our blog, we entered the address and select design and we said create blog. In fact at this stage the blog creation process is getting finished, you can start writing get better 🙂 the screen will look at you as follows:

We set up our blog

What you need to know there are some. First of all, everything is very clear and Turkish. You can control everything from the menu on the left side. You see the orange button at the top to enter the new post. I showed that part in the image below:


When you say add a new article, the editor section opens and you do your main tasks such as title,content. Questions like how to publish are easy to answer. There will be buttons on the right that you can see easily.

How the blogger is used is a separate issue. It's easy, but I could use a guide. But this is not the place,it is the subject of a cleaner article. This place is occupied now! 🙂

Just click on the ”view Blog” link on the left to see the blog you created.It appears in the visual below:

Posted : 12/01/2020 9:56 pm

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