Steam may not break...

Steam may not break years ' record in 2020  

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The game distribution platform Steam, which contains more than 30 thousand games and adds hundreds or even thousands more each year, is reducing the amount of game additions. Known for adding more games each year than the previous year, the platform may not break this record in 2020.

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Steam, a digital game distribution platform developed by Valve in 2003, has become a popular platform for computer gamers with its extensive game catalog, unique community, generous campaigns and discounts. Steam currently hosts more than 30 thousand games belonging to dozens of different categories.

Steam has such a large library of games that it adds hundreds more to its games every year. Since 2014, more games have been added to the platform each year than the previous year. But Steam, which also broke its own game-adding record this year, is thought to have reached its peak and there can be no more.

Steam may not break years ' record in 2020

According to SteamSpy, a full 8302 games were added to Steam in 2019, which is only slightly more than the 8227 games added in 2018. Apart from the small increase this year, the previous increases have been really spectacular. Steam added 1676 games to its structure in 2014; it had increased that number to 2708 in 2015, 4409 in 2016 and 6339 in 2017. But if we look at the increase in games added to the platform in 2019, which we have just finished, this record chain may not extend any longer. The year 2020 could be the year that Steam failed to break its own game-adding record for the first time since 2014.

'Empty game' surplus

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Steam's policy of ‘allowing every game for wave purposes or not illegal’, which it has maintained for several years, has caused controversy. In fact, this policy, which allowed unsung game developers to show themselves, had a deficit that prevented these new games from showing themselves. This’ come again no matter what you are ‘policy led to the addition of hundreds of 99-cent games for categories such as’ anime ' to the platform. So these 'games' have cast a shadow over the work done by new game developers who want to show themselves.

While it's hard to show every user exactly what they want on a platform with tens of thousands of games, Valve continues to work to make its algorithm more adequate.

Posted : 12/01/2020 10:23 pm

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