What's the difference between’ Modem ‘and’ Router'?  

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What is the difference between a modem that provides an internet connection in your home and a router that spreads your Internet to the rest of the house in the form of a wireless connection? What do the two do? Is the Modem + router combination more efficient? We answer all your questions in this context.
It's important to know exactly what equipment and equipment you need to have when you want to set up a Wi-Fi network in your home. At the beginning of this hardware comes 2 components: Modem and Router. The Modem brings the internet to your home from the outside. The Router serves as a router for other devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets to use the internet coming into your home.

Thanks to the Modem and Router, you can watch videos/TV shows/movies, play games or hang out on social media at home. In this content, we will talk about what both hardware works, so you can easily make your own way of internet connection.

Differences between Modem and router:

modem router farkları
What is a Modem?
modem router differences
The main component required to have an internet connection in your home is the modem component. This small device helps your internet service provider bring the internet into your home from its infrastructure. Cable is pulled into your home from the nearest source (Fiber or DSL) and plugged into the modem. The Modem also distributes this internet to a computer or router via an Ethernet cable.

Modems are not one type, so you need to get a modem that matches the type of internet you get from your internet provider. For example, if DSL comes to your home from infrastructure, you need to get a DSL modem. If you want a fiber connection, you still need to get a fiber-supported modem.

You don't need to worry about this, because even if you don't know which modem to buy, many internet providers tell you which modem is needed, or the required modem comes in the internet package you purchase.

What is a Router?

modem router farkları

Getting a modem is only half the way. The Modem distributes the internet only via cable. If you want a wireless connection, you need a router to wirelessly distribute the internet to the rest of the House. The Router is connected to the modem via an Ethernet cable, just like computers.

There are two types of Router devices: a single-unit router and a multiple-unit router covering the entire house. For small houses or small offices, a single-unit router like the one pictured above will suffice, as there is no need to spread the Wi-Fi signal much.

modem router farkları

If you are planning to buy a router for a large home or business, router devices with more than one unit will do the trick. When you connect these devices to the modem via Ethernet cable and strategically place them at work or at home, you can provide internet anywhere. You can also see an example of a multi-unit router in the image above.

Modem + Router devices (devices that have the most use in our country)):
modem router differences

In order not to confuse things, many internet providers (especially in our country) have devices that serve as both modems and routers in the packages they offer. In this way, you get rid of two separate devices and their wires, one device is enough. However, using these two devices separately will allow you to get the full efficiency of your internet speed.

With the recent work and progress made on wireless connectivity, a router is able to deploy the internet much faster than a modem. Routers are described as a technology that can route separate bandwidth streams to four different devices simultaneously without losing bandwidth.

modem router differences

However, when it comes to a device that acts as both a modem and a router, there is a single bandwidth sharing issue. So for example, when you browse social media on your phone and turn on Netflix on your TV, both devices show signs of slowing down.

Also, having two separate devices makes it easier to solve the problem when something goes wrong. If there is no problem with the router but there is a problem with the modem, it is very easy to fix it: get a new modem (or vice versa). In addition, if you want to change a combination device, you need to reinstall all Wi-Fi settings.

Posted : 12/01/2020 9:17 pm

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