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Microsoft Teams Get a lot of new features, including a Walkie Talkie  

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Microsoft has added new features to Microsoft Teams that Firstline Workers use. These include Walkie Talkie, SMS sign-in and shared devices sign-off.

MS Teams

Microsoft has added new features to Microsoft Teams, which are used by Firstline workers worldwide. For example, with the new Walkie Talkie feature, employees will be able to communicate more easily with each other. With the SMS sign-in feature, employees will be able to access Teams accounts with a one-time SMS code. With the new task management feature, team leaders will be able to send task lists to employees in specific areas.

New features added to Microsoft Teams include::

1st. Walkie Talkie

The new feature is that employees or the company's smartphones and tablets will be able to transform into Walkie talkie. Unlike unsecured analog services, users of the new service will not experience listening or interference.

2nd ed. Tasks

With the Tasks feature newly added to teams, corporate or regional administrators can send task lists to the respective regions (such as retail stores). These task lists can be controlled through real-time reports.

3. Workforce management integration

Workforce management systems will now be integrated into shifts through the Shifts Graph APIs and SDK. Jobs such as managing shifts, calendars, swaps requests are among the supported scenarios.

JDA for Shifts is open source and is featured on GitHub. Kronos will also be featured on GitHub recently.

4. SMS logon

With SMS logon, firstline workers will be able to access Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accounts with one-time SMS codes. 

5. Log off shared devices

Most Firstline workers are using tablets or mobile devices by other shifts. Shared devices sign-off means Firstline Workers will be able to log off Microsoft 365 and other services at the end of their shifts. Thus, it will be able to protect user data from other shifts.

6. Off-shift access control for Teams application

IT managers will be able to restrict access to teams from their own personal devices outside of shifts, especially those working together.

7th ed. Authorized user management

Together with the new feature, Firstline managers will be able to access the My Staff portal and resolve employee issues. 

8. Resource allocation from SAP SuccessFactors to Azure AD

Azure AD's user resource allocation services are now integrated with SAP SuccessFactors. Thus, integrating and managing the identities of Firstline Workers became greatly easier.

Posted : 12/01/2020 10:31 pm

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