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YouTube To Pay $ 200 Million On Child Privacy Violation Grounds  

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Recently, charges of privacy violations against children in trouble with YouTube, on the grounds that it violated the children's Online Privacy Protection Act will be fined between 150 to 200 million dollars.


The Federal Trade Commission on Friday voted for federal privacy charges against YouTube, as reported by Politico. The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg confirmed the report, saying the official deal will likely be made public next week. The exact terms of the deal are not clear but Google will reportedly pay fines of between $ 150 and $ 200 million.

The charges stem from data collection and targeting practices on YouTube, where consumer groups allegedly violated the children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Some details of the deal were reported by The Washington Post in July but they were not finalized until today's vote.

YouTube has gone through a number of policy changes:


On the same day as the vote, YouTube activated its website for YouTube Kids, along with a number of measures that included more prominent content filters, but let's add that the site has not yet been made available in our country. The Platform has also made a series of policy changes in response to the pending agreement in recent weeks.

The most important of the changes was the introduction of a clear ban on violent videos that appeared to target children. YouTube has also banned targeted ads for children's videos, making videos less lucrative for producers.

YouTube has not released a statement on the matter:

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Senator Ed Markey, who has long been called in to investigate possible COPPA violations on YouTube, handed YouTube a hefty fine. The FTC, which enforces privacy law under COPPA, has the authority to fine Google tens of billions of dollars. A citizen, a consumer support group, said: “a penalty of no more than $ 200 million fails fairly to protect children's rights. It neither adequately penalizes Google nor bars other companies from future breaches,” the statement said.

$ 200 million penalty found less:

Similar concerns were raised in July when the FTC fined Facebook $ 5 billion for breaches related to Cambridge Analytica and other data breaches. It was the largest FTC fine to date against a technology company but many noted that the penalty was inadequate compared with Facebook's annual profit of $ 55 billion.

Posted : 12/01/2020 9:33 pm

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